The artworks of visual artist Diana Kreikamp consists of photographic drawings and portraits, classic oil paintings, realistic and free hand creations made in acrylic paint.

Photographic portrait drawings are made exclusively by pencil. The interplay between light and shadow allows for the creation of natural shapes and forms while harsh lines fade into the background. The resulting depth brings the portrait to "life". However, the most essential aspect is the capture of the aura in which each person demonstrates their uniqueness.

Oil paintings are created on a panel or canvas. Utilising these mediums, Diana follows the techniques of the old Masters of the Renaissance like Raphaël, Michelangelo and Giotto. Starting with a base-painting, using only two colours, the details of the sketch are further fine tuned using light and dark colouring. Then the completed work is "heightened" by applying three different shades of white paint, causing an almost bluish glow.
The next phase of the process entails the application of glazing layers where the work is covered with various layers of transparent paint. To fully understand what the effect will be of each of the coloured layers, a thorough knowledge of colours is paramount. It is quite a time consuming process as each layer has to be completely dry prior to the application of the next layer. During this stage also, the painting is repeatedly "heightened" to allow for the essential light aspect to create shadows. This results in the in-depth effect of the art work.

Detailed paintings using acrylic paint demand a very different technique and skill. Starting with large transparent areas that will eventually be completed with details. Acrylic paint, unlike oil paint, is a quick drying medium. Therefore, the "wet on wet" technique is accomplished via the use of several brushes at the same time.

Diana also creates original freestyle art, using acrylic paint as a medium. While letting go of all techniques, as used in her other art works, she allows her heart to speak. No base drawings or designs are created beforehand. The mixing of colours is done directly on canvas or panel. Beautiful shapes and forms appear spontaneously, culminating in a wonderful and truly original "Diana Kreikamp". Various materials are included in the work to create unique structures and allow for an in-depth effect.

"Art is Divine Creation"