Soul Drawings

Concurrent to her work as a visual artist, Diana Kreikamp also creates Soul Drawings, offering a unique view to ones inner soul, accompanied by a written description.

Creation of the drawing starts by way of a photograph. When ‘reading‘ the picture, Diana receives insight into the inner being of the subject depicted, in the form of ‘visions‘. These visions comprise the various layers used to create the Soul Drawing.

Soul drawings are often simple and symbolic. In this lies the power of the artwork presented. One defined symbol provides more clarity and reaches far deeper than words ever can. It is a universal and timeless manner of expression offering recognition, insight and understanding.

The language of the unconscious being and intuition supersedes rational thought and allows you to connect with your true inner being. It shows your own personal path. The Soul Drawing represents an almost 360 degree, overhead view of self, unknown under normal circumstances as we are too deeply involved in our daily existence to see beyond what is below the surface of our being.

Words are often forgotten and fade away in contrast to the visual aspect of the drawing which offers a much more clear impression. As time passes the visual layers of the drawing trigger more exploration and discovery of self. It offers a visual thread, creating a pathway to inner growth and self-consciousness.

Each human being has a beautiful soul, clearly portrayed within each completed drawing.

Soul Drawings are created in an A3 format (29.7 x 42.0 centimeters/11.69 x 16.53 inches). Along with the drawing you will receive a written description of the visions perceived by Diana to accompany the visual artwork.

Soul drawings are created for humans, animals, unborn children and loved ones who have passed on.