Concurrent to her work as a visual artist, Diana also creates Soul drawings as a psychic illustrator, offering a unique view to one's inner soul, accompanied by a written description.

She creates these drawings with the help of a photograph of person or animal in question. When ‘reading‘ the picture, Diana receives visual and auditory insights into the inner being of the subject depicted. With the use of these insights, the Soul Drawing is created layer by layer in pastel granting a unique understanding of the subject.

Soul drawings are often simple and symbolic. In this lies the power of the artwork presented. One defined symbol provides more clarity and reaches far deeper than words ever could. It is a universal and timeless manner of expression offering recognition, insight and understanding. Symbols are the language of the unconsciousness and intuition. They supersede rational thought and allow for the connection with the true inner being.

The symbolism in the Soul Drawing shows your own personal path and a better understanding of your potential. The Soul Drawing presents a helicopter view of the subject. It offers an overhead view and insight which is invisible under normal circumstances as we are too deeply involved in our daily existence to see below the surface of our being.

Words are often forgotten and fade away, in contrast to the visual aspect. Subsequently, the drawing will slowly sink in and could allow for continued realisations to come to the surface at a later point in time. It offers a visual thread, creating a pathway to inner growth and self-consciousness.

Every human being has a beautiful and unique soul full of possibilities. This beauty and potential is clearly portrayed within each drawing.

Soul Drawings are created for both persons and animals.