"This is the most erudite, interesting and beautifully produced commentary upon, and ritual use of, an ancient Egyptian text by a modern occultist that I have yet seen."
-RONALD HUTTON, Professor of History, Bristol University, UK, author of 18 books, including The Stations of the Sun: A history of the Ritual Year in Britain, Britain's Pagan Heritage, The Triumph of the Moon and Physical Evidence for Ritual Acts, Sorcery and Witchcraft in Christian Britain: A Feeling for Magic

"Diana has spent over ten years reading, absorbing, and seeking to understand the hidden teachings within the ancient writings of one of the Egyptian books of the Afterlife; the Egyptian Amduat. Yes, many books have been written about the journey after life, but Diana detected within the Amduat something rarely understood. That the Journey, as described in the Amduat, was not just a way to Passover into the Fields of Osiris. But also a journey INTO LIFE, an awakening into the full awareness of the Higher Self, its powers, its ability to recognise and use the hidden side of that Self. Without any doubt this book is the most accurately defined, well researched and stunningly beautiful book I have ever read on the subject. Diana's grasp of the inner and spiritual nature of the journey is superb. It is a very different and demanding presentation of an ancient teaching system. I am proud to promote it for I know how much time, effort and intent has gone into it."
-DOLORES ASHCROFT-NOWICKI founder of the Solar Light Video Club, retired Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light School and the author of over 30 books including The Shining Paths, Illuminations and The Guardians Albion Triology

"Any student of the western esoteric tradition, theurgy, the work of the ancient Egyptian priesthood, or the process of initiation through the Mysteries would benefit from studying this book which presents a fusion of erudite scholarly research and illuminating interpretation of ancient initiatory lore. Symbols, terminology, and complex concepts are discussed by the author in-depth and with clarity of understanding. Diana Kreikamp has succeeded in bringing ancient, key, teachings to life in a way that will be practically useful to students in modern mystery schools."
-DR STEVEN CRITCHLEY, Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light School, wrote his PhD on Thomas Taylor the Platonist (1758-1835) and enjoys writing and teaching internationally

"Diana Kreikamp, while moving through the underworld, has stirred up the long-forgotten Egyptian magic, the ghost of which we see reflected in the Greek Magical Papyri. This is a book for initiates or at least someone who takes Magic and Ancient Egypt very seriously, and it is good to see books of this quality and magical depth available."
-NICK FARRELL, journalist and author of several books including; Helios Unbound, Egyptian Shaman, The Osiris Scroll and Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic

"For centuries, scholars have puzzled over an obscure hieroglyphic text dating from the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. Referred to as the Amduat, it seems, on the face of it, to be nothing more than the Sun God's recurring journey through the dark hours of the night. But mystics and even some Egyptologists have long suspected there was more to it than that. And now, thanks to years of scholarly research work by author Diana Kreikamp, a secret has been revealed. For the ancient story is not only a cipher for the post mortem journey of Egypt's Pharaohs, but also a sophisticated and deeply complex system of spiritual development. One of supreme importance to the present day. And now, everything you need to practise this extraordinary system is in your hands, backed up by Diana's personal experience and illustrated by the author herself. This is your guide to an initiatory experience that has been lost for more than three millennia. This is your opportunity to walk the path of Egypt's Gods."
-HERBIE BRENNAN is a lecturer, a professional writer and the author of 114 books including Death; the Great Mystery of life, Nectanebo and The Secret History of Ancient Egypt

"Diana Kreikamp has done something very difficult. She has unearthed symbols (and indeed energies) from the very depths of Khem and painted them up onto the walls of our everyday consciousness. Amduat: The Great Awakening shows us how to approach the Great Journey we all will have, and how marvellous it will be. The book is beautiful, packed with imagery that lies deeper than any pharaonic tomb. At every Hour of the journey through the Amduat there is a new revelation of the sort that makes the reader cry: This is it! This is what I've been looking for! As a text it is far above anything else written by any modern author. Quite simply it is brilliant."
-ALAN RICHARDSON, author of Priestess, The Magical Kabbalah, Al-Khemy, Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune and numerous novels in his local area, especially On Winsley Hill and co-author of The Inner Guide to Egypt